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To edit a config file in text editor, launch Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T key combinations. Then type the below command as sudo: $ sudo gedit /path/to/filename. Replace /path/to/filename with the actual file path of the configuration file that you want to edit. When prompted for a password, enter sudo password. The Configuration file generated by pwmconfig, changes will be lost comment can safely be ignored, changes will only be lost if you re-run pwmconfig and ask it to re-write that configuration file.. One worth-while trick is to add a line that says AVERAGE= to the fancontrol configuration file.. It has to list a sensor and a value like 3 or 4. Using the above example, that would look like:. Kiss Linux is a meta-distribution for the x86_64 architecture with a focus on simplicity, sustainability and user freedom. ... libpng libtheora libudev-zero libva libva-utils libvorbis libvpx libwebp llvm man-pages mandoc mdevd mesa meson mold mpv mutt nasm ncurses nodejs opendoas openresolv openssh opus pango pcre perl pkgconf python rust. The kickstart files (.ks) used are slighly modified from those released by the original distro makers. ... GIMP, Inkscape, etc) as well as third-party stuff from rpmfusion (mpv, vlc, ffmpeg, etc) and the Adobe flash-plugin. ... The makeiso file contains the commandline used to generate the iso. Make sure to edit makeiso so your iso filename.